Multivans manufactures and markets FRP, Aluminum, Smoothside and Refrigerated truck bodies. When companies need truck bodies, they turn to Multivans for their requirements.

Why Multivans?


Message from the President

"Multivans is driven by continuous improvement. We thrive on improving our customer’s satisfaction by building long term relationships that seek to understand and respond to customer needs. We believe that in order to become the leading time-based manufacturer of truck bodies in our chosen market area, we must continuously improve. We work to develop our people so that they can deliver value to our customers. Continuous improvement in quality, cost, safety, delivery, and morale all help us to get better at meeting our customer’s requirements every day."

- Fred Seymour

More about Multivans

Since 1962, Multivans has built a reputation as an industry leader in manufacturing quality truck bodies. We have solid long term relationships with the largest truck body purchasers in North America. These relationships to become Canada’s largest manufacturer of truck bodies, and use our experience to continue to expand into new markets in the north-eastern United States. Our supplier network and dedicated employees support us in these efforts.


What's New


Multivans leads the industry in price, delivery and quality. Our stock includes:
- Hackney Beverage Body
- Stock Chassis
- Stock Bodies

We're featured in Trailer Body Builders!

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